Redefining Discipline - A No Gimmicks Guide

  • 09/07/2019
  • 10/04/2019
  • Your Online Device

Our friends at PEP Parenting are offering valuable ON LINE workshops to assist with a variety of parenting topics.  PEP is an LGBTQ ally and are featured at our Conferences.

This Workshop:  Redefining Discipline -  A No Gimmicks Guide to Raising Responsible, Respectful Kids

Tired of nagging, punishing, bribing?

Coach your kids towards self-discipline through natural and logical consequences, problem-solving, and learning from mistakes.  

Discover a new coaching role with your children and help guide them on a path to self-discipline.

Redefining Discipline builds on the principles and strategies covered by the Encouragement: Building Your Child's Confidence from the Inside Out online class.  It is designed for parents of preschoolers through teens.

For:   All Parents

When:   Saturday, Sept 7 - Friday, Oct 4

Location:   Your Online Device

Cost:   $99 (no part of this goes to Rainbow Families)